When the world is full of terrible things, and you have forgotten what it is like to have your heart full of joy, all you need to do is look to dogs. Wonderful, beautiful, loyal, loving, dumb dogs. Dogs like Peppah, a white female staffy owned by Sydney dad Dennis Spring.

Dennis and his two daughters were out having an explore of the Birubi sand dunes at Anna Bay on the weekend, when beautiful Peppah picked up what looked like an old car part, and began playing fetch with the fam’s other dog Brixton. Brixton is a brindle-coloured staffy. None of these details really matter to the story, except that dogs are cute and details about dogs always matter.

Peppah kept dropping the item at the feet of her family over and over again, barking at them to try to get them to pick it up and throw it for her, but luckily before anyone did, Mr Spring’s youngest daughter wondered out loud if Peppah’s new toy was actually just maybe a fucking bomb. 

Turns out, yes, yes it was. And look how PROUD she is of her find. Gorgeous Peppah had picked up a literal unexploded WWII mortar  in her mouth a bunch of times and then had attempted to get her family to throw the unexploded bomb for her to chase.

DOGS, amirite? Mr Spring called in the police, and they located the military mortar, which was about 15cm in length, in the dunes.

According to Detective Inspector Scott Parker, the family, and most importantly, the dogs, had experienced a lucky escape, saying that the bomb could have easily exploded in sweet Peppah’s mouth. Instead, the Royal Australian Air Force were called in, and performed a controlled detonation, which disposed of the dangerous dog toy.

Detective Parker says that Mr Spring did the absolute right thing, and if you or your dog happen to find an old military ordinance in the future, pinpoint the location and call in the cops to make sure it doesn’t go off.

This is a nice story because it has a happy ending, and an even happier ending is that it has now lead you to the Instagram account of Peppah and Brixton, where you can see photos such as these ones:

You’re welcome.


Source: Port Stephen's Examiner
Image: Instagram/Dennis Spring