PHEW: The Staffy Who Mauled A Daschund In Melb Park Incident Will Not Be Put Down

Hero, the Staffy dog who fatally mauled a daschund after it allegedly ran at him in a Pakenham park will not be put down, following an investigation by the local council.

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The shocking incident made headlines after the daschund’s owner, Kashila Chintamunnee, posted photos of the mauling to Facebook. She claimed her three dogs escaped her backyard and ran over to the park, where they were viciously attacked by Hero.

The Cardinia Council in Melbourne began an investigation into the incident, after Ms Chintamunnee informed them of what happened.

Credit: Facebook

However, since then a second story about the incident emerged, as Hero’s owner Claudia Harrison claimed she was walking Hero on a lead with her son, when the three dogs attacked Hero – she allegedly tried to protect her son while separating the dogs, but was unable to do so effectively.

Credit: Facebook.

A spokeswoman from the Cardinia Council told the Cranbourne Leader that no further action would be taken over the incident, and that the “thorough investigation” was closed. This means Hero will not be put down, a potential outcome that generated over 285,000 signatures on a petition as people rallied together to protect the Staffy.

Michael Faltermaier, a lawyer for the Harrison family, made a statement to the newspaper as well.

“He is indeed a Hero and had to act to protect his owners. It is a timely reminder that our pets are like our children and we need to know where they are at all times. Hero is safe, saved and acknowledged for his heroic efforts as he should be.”

Ms Chintamunnee has not made a statement to media.