In a move that makes a whole lot of sense, Disney are installing signs and temporary cordons around the lagoons at Orlando’s Walt Disney World Resort, alerting visitors to the very real presence of alligators.

The move comes just days after the tragic death of a toddler on the premises; the two-year-old was dragged by an alligator into one of the park’s many manmade lagoons in what Disney claims was a total freak event. 

Until now, the signs surrounding the bodies of water – which are known to contain gators – have only warned visitors not to swim in them, without any mention of the risks involved. 

In a statement, Disney wrote “we are installing signage and temporary barriers at our resort beach locations and are working on permanent, long-term solutions at our beaches.

We continue to evaluate processes and procedures for our entire property, and, as part of this, we are reinforcing training with our cast for reporting sightings and interactions with wildlife and are expanding our communication to guests on this topic.”

Staff have already been told to turf visitors out if they’re seen wading in the lagoons or, God forbid, throwing chum into the waters. 

Although local authorities claim this type of unprovoked gator attack is an uncommon occurrence, it still seems like a solid plan to alert visitors to their existence.

Source: People / ABC. 
Photo: WPLG Local 10 News.