Dirty Dog Shorten Says He Went To A Strip Club Once But Left Immediately

There are two indisputable inevitabilities in a federal election campaign. Firstly, any interview with Kyle Sandilands will likely veer wildly from the realm of actual policy discussion. Secondly, a Labor leader will be quizzed on their history with strip clubs.

We all know the Kevin Rudd yarn: he went to a New York strip club named Scores while on a United Nations junket back in 2003, accompanied by none other than Rupert Murdoch confidante and former editor of the New York Post Col Allan. It was a minor controversy during the 2007 election, but eventually receded into the realm of ‘who gives a shit’.
Now, Bill Shorten is in the gentleman’s club firing line. He was wrangled into a game of ‘never have I ever’ while appearing with Kyle & Jackie O (questionable idea), at which point he confirmed that he had been in a strip club. Unbelievable.
Of course, he couldn’t just let that one linger. He said he’d only been to one many, many years ago, and he left immediately as soon as he realised what it was. “Once or twice, back in my uni days,” Shorten said. “I left once I realised what it was.”

Okay mate. I’m going to pull you up on this one. At what point after entering the club did it become immediately apparent that you hadn’t entered, say, a supermarket? Did the flashing neon signs outside the venue perhaps indicate that it wasn’t a library?
All good though. We trust ya, mate. We’ll await Turnbull‘s reply on the same question, but we assume whatever gentlemens clubs he’s been to are so secretive and elite that only Illuminati members are invited.
Source: The New Daily.
Photo: Getty Images.