A heroic father has rescued his 14-month-old son from a dingo attack on Queensland‘s Fraser Island, waking to hear his baby crying, having been dragged metres away from his family’s campervan by a pair of animals.

The terrifying incident occurred around midnight in the Eurong area of Fraser Island, and saw the child suffer deep lacerations to his leg, head and neck after being snatched from his bed by the dingoes and dragged by his head outside. ABC News reports that he is currently being treated in hospital and is in a stable condition.

Awakening to hear cries becoming more distant, the baby’s father leapt to action, fighting off the dingo that had his son it is jaws. Paramedics were called, arriving via helicopter to the island, which is situated about 250km north of Brisbane. 9News reports that the child and his parents were flown to Hervey Bay Hospital.

According to ABC News, the man saw several other dingoes lurking nearby as he fought off the pair that had taken his son.

There’s been nine dingo attacks on Fraser Island since 1999, with a six-year-old boy injured in January this year. In 2001, a young boy was killed in a dingo attack and his brother was mauled.

The latest incident has eerie similarities to one of Australia’s most famous cases, the 198o death of nine-week-old baby Azaria Chamberlain, whose mother Lindy Chamberlain alleged she was taken by a dingo from a tent at their Uluru campsite.

Lindy was charged with her daughter’s murder, but was exonerated after a piece of Azaria’s clothing was found in a dingo lair in 1986. Lindy has served 3 years in prison and received $1.3million in compensation. In 2012, a fourth coronial inquest into the case officially ruled that Azaria had died “as a result of being attacked and taken by a dingo.”

Image: iStock / indianoceanimagery