All The Best ‘Democracy Sausage’ Tweets As The States Hit The Polls 

It just isn’t an Aussie election without the Democracy Sausage and today as South Australia and Melbourne hit the polls, the much beloved treat is out in full force to stoke the fires in keen voters ready to have their say.

Now how important is the democracy sausage? Important enough to have its own dedicated Twitter specifically mapping out polls with democracy sausages available. And important enough to make people genuinely upset when there is no democracy sausage. #straya

In South Australia, the Labor party have held their seat for 16 consecutive years which means if they come out on top today, this would be their fifth term in office. From an outsiders point, one would think they have it in the bag but if you take a closer look, things might take an unpredictable turn. Liberal leader, Steven Marshall has proven himself popular and a fair match for Labor, and has also been wildly supported by the Murdoch Media AKA The Advertiser (shocker). Nick Xenophon’s new SA-Best party has also proven to turn a coupla heads his way.

And what Xenophon may be lacking in support, he makes up for by flinging super strange and kinda embarrassing advertisements of himself  like the one where he’s running away from the bulls AKA Labor and Liberal. And who can forget that…rap.

Anyway, 1.2 million people, 693 polling places – this will be interesting.

Meanwhile in Melbourne, the Labor and the Greens are butting heads for the Victorian seat of Batman. Recent Labor leader Ged Kearney is up against the Greens’ Alex Bhathal and if the former is successful, Labor will once again hold the seat. Batman covers the northern suburbs of inner Melbourne and though the seat has primarily been held by Labor, the past years have seen a continual increase of support for the Greens. The ‘tofu curtain’ may just strike again.

Now onto the Tweets.

On da job.

Admire this set up, it’s a very smart set up.

Cop this upgrade. That’s a bacon and egg roll for early voters.

One for the memz.

Are democracy sausages really that important? Yes, yes they are.

And how much do people love the sausage? This much.

Sad face.

And this one, purely because it is a mouthwatering photo. So. Saucy.

Happy voting.