Canberrans Can Snag Drone-Delivered Democracy Sausages This Weekend ‘Cos The Future Is Now

There’s an election coming up in the ACT, which means it’s time not only to cast a ballot, but to scoff a democracy sausage too, as is our national duty. But with lockdown restrictions making large sausage sizzle fundraisers a bit more difficult this year, one school has come up with a solution: drones.

On Saturday, October 17, residents of Canberra’s Gungahlin region will be able to order a democracy sausage from either The Spence Grocer or Kickstart Espresso and get it aerially delivered straight to their hot little hands without even having to go anywhere.

The whole thing’s being operated by drone delivery company (yes, the future is now) Wing, which is owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet.

Sausages cost $3 each ($3.50 with onions) or $5 if you opt for a can of soft drink with it. The proceeds will go to the Palmerston District Primary School Parent & Citizens Association, and those profits will be matched by Wing itself.

While it doesn’t really matter what time you vote, it does matter what time you order. The deal’s only available between 11am and 2pm, to be exact.

“We’re so pleased to be able to give back to the Gunghalin community that has supported us over the last 18 months, by offering Wing customers the opportunity to still snag a democracy sausage,” Wing ACT City Manager Madison Groom told Gizmodo Australia.

Pun very much intended, we can only assume.

Being able to get a drone-delivered democracy sausage is an amazing coincidence, really, considering how few places actually have the service.

Wing has only been operating commercially for about a year or so, and the two Aussie towns they serve are northern Canberra and Logan in Queensland. Internationally, the only other places they deliver to are Christiansburg, Virginia, and Helsinki, Finland. Canberrans are a lucky bunch, indeed.

It’s not just democracy sausages you can nab, either.

A handful of business are currently signed up to Wing, meaning you can order coffee, cakes, ice cream, empanadas and… candles.

If you’re one of the lucky few living in Canberra (a rarely uttered phrase, tbh), you can sign up for Wing here.