Ding Dong: Menulog Will Accept People’s Unused Deliveroo Vouchers After The Company Left Aus

Menulog has said it’ll accept Deliveroo customers’ unused vouchers, account credit and gift cards after the company left the Australian market earlier this week. Uncancel your takeaway plans, I guess.

According to Menulog, Deliveroo customers with remaining account credit or vouchers will be able to DM its Facebook page to redeem their unused money.

Customers will need to take a screenshot of their name, email address and the amount of money left on the voucher-slash-gift-card-slash-account-credit.

Menulog also said it’d round up the value of those vouchers — a $17 card will go up to $20, so on and so forth.

“We expect there will be a lot of customers with unused Deliveroo vouchers and gift cards, so we would like to give them the opportunity to redeem those vouchers on their next Menulog order,” said the company’s managing director Morten Belling in a statement.

As you might expect, there are a few conditions: customers will only be able to redeem vouchers of up to $75 and will have to use the credit by December 31. The vouchers are also single use.

Menulog has said it will offer an “expedited set up” on its network to Deliveroo riders impacted by the company’s shutdown too, as well as potential opportunities for riders to join its employed courier trial in some Sydney suburbs.

FYI: Deliveroo has said former drivers will get two weeks of paid compensation by next week. Another two weeks of pay is pending on a vote which will take place in December.

The compensation will be based on the individual driver’s weekly earnings over the last 12 months and it’ll be available for drivers who’ve completed an order in the last three months.

Since the company’s dramatic exit from Aus, drivers have spoken about the super precarious position it’s put them in.

“I already feel myself struggling, anxious and nervous about the situation and it’s only been one day,” rider Rodrigo Burgos-Moor told A Current Affair on Thursday.

“I’ll look for other options, other jobs to try and keep up the same income.”

If you missed the announcement and this has all come as an absolute shock to your weekend takeaway plans, Deliveroo said it was pulling out of Australia effective immediately on Wednesday evening.

Perhaps the power of Katy Perry‘s Menulog jingle was just too much.

The company sent an email to customers saying it had made the “difficult” decision to leave Australia.

It said it was “doing business in challenging economic conditions, which requires [it] to take difficult decisions”.

“In Australia, we have concluded that achieving a sustainable position of leadership in the market is not possible without a disproportionate level of investment which would have highly uncertain returns,” it added.


Deliveroo Australia is now in voluntary administration. While the Deliveroo app is still available on Apple’s Australian app store, when you open it a “there’s a problem” message appears.

Go girl, give us nothing.

It said customers would still be able to access their account data for another six months, but after that all customer accounts will be closed.

Of course, the news has left a whole bunch of questions about how both riders and restaurants will be impacted in the wake of Deliveroo’s decision.

However, the company’s decision to pull out of Australia wasn’t completely unprecedented.

As reported by the ABC, Deliveroo ended its operations in Spain and The Netherlands earlier this year, and left Germany back in 2019.

“This was a difficult decision and not one we have taken lightly,” said chief operating officer Eric French in a media statement.

“We want to thank all our employees, consumers, riders and restaurant and grocery partners who have been involved with the Australian operations over the past seven years.

“Our focus is now on making sure our employees, riders and partners are supported throughout this process.”