A 19 Y.O. Labor Candidate Is Making The Libs Sweat For Vic’s Brighton Seat

Declan Martin

For a hot minute there, it looked like 19-year-old Declan Martin was on the verge of winning his seat in blue-ribbon Brighton, two months after joining the Labor Party. 

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At the time of writing, Martin is coming in at 47.17 per cent against Liberal candidate James Newbury‘s 52.83 per cent.

Again, he joined two months ago.

Mates, it was so close all the big guns started interviewing him for the win. But look, it could swing back.


“This is a very momentous occasion, not just for the Labor movement but for the seat of Brighton which has never ever had a Labor member in parliament,” he told Channel 7. 

“I’m also aware that a 19-year-old has ever been elected to Parliament before. So, if elected I’d be the youngest Member in history.” 

The journos – perplexed – asked if Martin has his licence and he revealed he does not. Taking the questions like a top bloke, Martin joked his Labor pal Nick Staikos can drive him to Spring Street if elected.

“To be honest with you, I’m a student of Urban and Regional planning and a member of the Public Transport Association, I’m more than happy to practise what I’m preaching and catch Public Transport everywhere.” 

What a bloody legend.

Journos – PERPLEXED – continued to quiz Martin on his political career and as it turns out, he was just supposed to be a booth captain for Staikos.

“There was no one willing to fill the gap for candidate for Brighton so I was more than happy to put my hand up to do everyone a favour and just give it a shot and I did give a shot and it looks like it could pay off.” 

Win or lose, Martin has made an incredible name for himself.