Daniel Andrews Re-Elected As Victorian Premier In Overwhelming Victory

Daniel Andrews

Daniel Andrews has been re-elected as Victorian Premier in an incredible landslide victory to Labor. 

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At the time of writing, Labor hold 53 seats while Liberals sit at 16.

Speaking at the Village Green hotel in Mulgrave – Andrews’ electorate, he wished Guy and all his colleagues the very best for the future.

“Friends, the people of Victoria have today overwhelmingly endorsed a positive and optimistic plan for our state. They have endorsed the removal of 75 level crossings, they have properly funded our hospitals and schools, they have endorsed the funding of TAFE, they have endorsed the biggest infrastructure in road and rail in this great state’s history.

“They have in record numbers, at the same time, rejected the low road of fear and division. And for that I am very, very proud.”

Andrews then thanked his team, members of parliament, every single volunteer, and his family for their undying support – especially his late father.

“Friends, we are the most progressive government in the nation. We are the most progressive state in the nation. We live our values, we keep our promises and we get things done.

To those who did not vote Labor:

“We will still govern for you, we will govern for all Australians. We will make sure that regardless of how you voted, we will have better schools, better hospitals, we will build the infrastructures we need and create the jobs that are so important.

“The next four years will be about delivering for all Victorians.”

Earlier in the night, opposition leader Matthew Guy conceded defeat.

Speaking at Liberal HQ in Bulleen, Guy said he phoned Andrews to offer his “sincere and gracious congratulations” on their “stunning night”.

Despite his loss, an emotional Guy still spoke about the importance of his party’s policies.

“In the Liberal Party in the last, not just few weeks, but indeed the last few years, we have campaigned on issues that we believe are important and of the most importance to Victorians.

“Keeping Victorians safe, lowering their cost of living, easing the congestion in places like particularly the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, and also decentralising our state’s population.”

Guy then thanked all the campaigners, staffers, and volunteers involved as well as his family, particularity his wife.

“Tonight is not our night, we know that, we acknowledge that, we accept that – our time in the sun will come again.”

The first call from this arvo came from Channel Nine‘s state election day Galaxy Poll which predicted a “stunning victory for Labor.” 

The poll – calculated from a sample of 1528 voters across 16 seats – showed primary support for Labor at 41 per cent while the Coalition held 38 per cent.

Then, ABC election analyst Antony Green made the call less than two hours after polls closed saying there’s just “no good news in these figures for the Liberal party.” 

Health Minister, Jill Hennessy, put it quite simply to the ABC after Green made the call: “This is looking like a bloodbath.”

With such calls made, the celebrations kicked off early with The Guardian sharing these shenanigans to the tune of “Dan the man” and “Four more years” at Labor HQ.