Daylight Saving Strikes Again, Wreaks Havoc On QLD Phones, Sleep

The long weekend in NSW, ACT, and Victoria has been cut an hour short this morning, as the bittersweet arm of Daylight Saving extended, leaping our clocks forward an hour and robbing us of sixty minutes for the sake of loooong summer nights. 

It’s the kind of routine we as adults should be well-equipped for by now; but GODDAMN if the discrepancy between an oven clock, your phone and a digital watch doesn’t make you wonder which device to trust, and force you to google “WHAT FUCKING TIME IS IT”. 

We’ve all been there. Saved from the twice-yearly curse, though, should be Queensland, whose staunch opposition to daylight saving knows no bounds, and who shouldn’t notice when Southern states are struggling with the clocks on their microwaves every six months.

Thanks (to smart) phones wanting to live up to their name and cleverly change the time for you, though, some Queenslanders were robbed of an hour from their phones auto-adjusting to the rest of Australia (herd mentality, smdh), with some Telstra, Optus and Vodafone customers from Queensland falling victim to the glitch. 

A smattering of choice comments posted to the facebook pages of Optus, Telstra and Vodafone include:


“The network provided time in brisbane has gone forward an hour. Thanks for the reduced sleep. At least there is the rugby on.”

“How is it that when i am more than 1000km from the closest tower in NSW and reside in QLD that my phone still sets itself to day light savings? Sort yourself out telstra you are a joke!!”

“But thanks again for 4:30am wake up. Who needs an extra hours sleep on a Sunday. And yes, it was set up for auto time zones…”

“Omg. Get up when my alarm went off. Only to be confused because the microwave clock says it’s an hour earlier??”

Nothing I love more than being woken up an hour early on the weekend… thank you optus.”

“Great, love getting up at 4:10am because our phones told us it was 5:10……. Argggggggg”

“How have you guys not managed to figure out automatic network time in Queensland yet?”

To be fair, some appreciated the extra heads up to catch Australia slaughter England at the World Cup:

“Thanks for the extra hour to prepare for a huge grand final day.”

“Dear Telstra, I want to thank you for waking me up an hour early due to your automatic time zone change (no day light savings in Queensland.) The early wake up means I can now watch the Wallabies beat England!!!”

But even Siri didn’t know shit:

It all begs the question: how is this still a fucking thing?