Queenslanders Wake Up Early As Optus Apparently Trials Daylight Savings

If you’re reading this in Queensland, it means it’s coming from a magical place that’s one hour in the future (Science! Energy! Sparklers!). But also, if you’re in Queensland and you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been up for a heck of a long time already today.

It seems that at some point overnight a whole bunch of Optus customers with smartphones had their clocks shifted back an hour, meaning that people with their alarms set for 5am were actually woken up at 4am.
The glitch happened at an indeterminate time after midnight, and seems to have sporadically affected customers largely in the urban south-east of the state. Virgin customers were also affected, as were other people with mobile carriers who use the Optus Network.
The fix for the problem seems relatively simple enough: People are merely going in to their phone’s clock settings and selecting “Brisbane” as opposed to “Automatic.”
Optus has not commented on the glitch this morning, but others sure as hell have. Whilst most have expressed their ruffled, bleary-eyed feathers on social media with the “I had an hour’s less sleep last night and couldn’t think of anything better” hashtag #OptusWrongTime, at least the famously tongue-in-cheek Queensland Police Service Twitter account kept its trademark sense of humour about it all.

But hey, Queenslanders! Look on the positive side of things. You’ve got an extra hour in your day today! Take the time for yourselves! Do something brilliant! Like a handstand! Or cook a really nice dinner! Or maybe spend an hour singing in the shower!

But still, y’know. Won’t somebody think of the cows/curtains/etc?
Photo: AFP via Getty Images.