The King Has Returned: Daniel Andrews Says He Will Be Back To Work By The End Of The Month

Return of the mack. It is. Return of the mack. Come on. Yep, Daniel Andrews said he will return as the Premier of Victoria by the end of the month, and I’m squealing.

After suffering a horrific back injury, Dan Andrews announced on Saturday night that is expected to get back to work on June 28!!!!!! Yeah, you know you’re old when news of the Premier returning to office gets you just as excited as seeing Zayn Malik at a 2012 One Direction concert.

“This week I had another round of scans and a meeting with my care team at the Alfred and got some good news,” Andrews announced on Twitter.

“I’ve been given the all clear to return to work soon.

“On Monday 28 June I’ll be back to work – and back to getting things done. I can’t wait.”

On March 9, the Premier was was transported to hospital after slipping on wet stairs at a holiday home on the Mornington Peninsula. Andrews suffered a fracture of the T7 vertebrae in his mid-back, according to the ABC.

Andrews’ broken vertebrae is almost fully healed, but doctors have said that the six broken ribs will take a while longer to finish healing.

Unfortunately, unlike any other job position, haters will say the back injury is cap. And by haters I am referring specifically to members of the opposition who reckon this ‘injury’ is an elaborate ruse to get the Premier more time off work.

God, I wish getting out of work was as easy as faking a back injury. My back hurts every day from being the funniest person in my friend group.

It wasn’t just politicians who tried to undermine Andrews’ very serious injury, shock jocks like Steve Price also chimed in on the dumb theory.

In a scathing opinion piece published in The Herald Sun, Price expressed that “Citizen Dan” owes Victoria an apology for “disappearing” due to his debilitating injury. So, I wonder how much Murdoch paid him for that one?

Fuck the haters, I say. Andrews is back baby, so let’s get on the beers Victoria!