Daniel Andrews Temporarily Turned Flinders St Station Into Platform 9 3/4

Fair play to him, Daniel Andrews sure knows how to strike while the iron is hot. The Victorian Premier has spent the day extolling the virtues of Melbourne securing Harry Potter & the Cursed Child, with the highly touted stage production now set to open at the Princess Theatre in 2019.

But while the day was spent wrangling various media appearances, Andrews even used the commute home as an opportunity to do a little promo work.

The play had its world premiere in London, and is set to open on New York’s famed Broadway before it makes its way to Melbourne for only the third engagement in its global run. And in honour of the Boy Who Lived gracing the stage of the Princess, Andrews swanned on over to Flinders Street Station to put up a temporary little amendment to one of the platforms.

Nice, Dan. Very nice.

Now, Flinders Street Station platforms are fairly bereft of walls, so it remains to be seen where exactly someone would burst through the magic barrier in order to find the arriving Hogwarts Express. If you ask us? It’s probably through the food stand in the middle of the platform. Though that said we advise against trying to sprint through the Bain Marie. Those potato cakes are questionable enough as is without having them come into contact with platform bitumen.

When people tell you Melbourne’s a magical city, there’s a fair chance they now mean that quite literally.

Public Transport Victoria has not confirmed whether the arrival of the Express will affect any departing Williamstown or Werribee services.