Daily Mail Use Pic Of UK Rap Group For A Story About Gang Violence (Again)

Ah… no.

The Daily Mail has gone and used a photo of London rap group Section Boyz to illustrate a story about Melbourne gang violence.

The piece was about victims of the Apex Gang, whom the Daily Mail report “no longer feel safe” after rising acts of violence and criminal behaviour from the youth gang.

Except, as Media Watch pointed out, the Daily Mail used an image from Section Boyz, a UK rap group that have nothing whatsoever to do with youth crime in Victoria‘s capital.

(Heads up: the very term ‘Apex Gang’ has also been criticised for being a “code word” to indicate ethnic or African crime; Fairfax reported in March last year that the gang initially consisted of young men of Sudanese descent, but had grown to 150 members from a variety of backgrounds across Melbourne).

And as they also pointed out, it’s not the first time Daily Mail have made this mistake, nor is it the first time Media Watch called the publication out on it.

The image has since been removed from the article, but holy hell, guys. Maybe remove it from the database, too?

Photo: Twitter / Section Boyz.