Marshmallow Prince And Australian Internet Sensation Cumlord The Pomeranian Has Sadly Died

cumlord dog died

Folks, it is with a heavy heart that I must report on the death of the internet’s most beloved friend and king, Cumlord.

Cumlord the Pomeranian (first named Houston) gained a massive following around 2016 for looking like a marshmallow mixed with a cloud who does everything with a heaping of cuteness. Also, y’know, his name being Cumlord certainly helped with the popularity.

His owner Andy confirmed the passing of Cumlord via all official socials with a message that has truly broken my heart into tiny pieces.

“After a year and a half battle with leukaemia we decided to put Cumlord to sleep,” the message begins.

“He was doing well with his chemo treatment, but for the past few years, he was also battling with heart valve disease, loss of hearing, and recently loss of vision.

“He was really struggling and more health issues kept piling on.”

According to the message Cumlord was born in America, sold to a breeder in Australia, flown over to Japan to have some babies and then given to Andy (who is Aussie) as a gift after his previous owner died.

“I stayed with him during his very last moments and he went peacefully,” the message continues.

“I’d like to thank everyone for letting me share my fluffy white son with you all.

“I can’t overstate how grateful I am to be able to share the joy he gave me with others … It brings me great comfort to know that he has wonderful fans keeping his memory alive and I feel so lucky because of it.”

These words you’re reading here? I wrote them by tapping on my sodden keyboard because I am a crying mess.

Nothing killed me as much as this line, though: “He has been a shining star in my life and I have been honoured to have him.”

What the fuck world. What the FUCK.

In memory of the legendary internet dog Cumlord, let’s watch one of his cute-as-hell videos and sob together. It’s the least we could do.

If you need me I’m going to be upset all day thinking about this. This news has broken me.