Commbank Customers, Here’s Why You Can’t Access Your Account This Morning

If you’re with the Commonwealth Bank and were shit out of luck when you went to buy a coffee/train ticket/bagel/taxi fare/petrol this morning, you’re not alone: customers across Australia are finding themselves cashless as the company experiences a widespread technology glitch. 

Credit cards, internet and mobile banking, Bpay and eftpos services (including tap-and-go capabilities) are down across the board, with several shitty customers reporting that they’re stranded at supermarkets and service stations, unable to pay for petrol or groceries, or have had their phone or home loan payments bounce back.
It was only a few months ago that the bank suffered a similar outage on a Friday, though that one only lasted a few hours – this one is apparently rolling over into its 14th hour.
A member of the P.TV team found herself caught out when attempting to pay for coffee this morning, but swiping her card allowed her to access $$, so maybe try that until the issue is resolved.
Commbank have promised they be workin’ hard on solving the problem:

Can you imagine if the issue ran over into Friday-arvo-drinks-o’clock? 

*laughs nervously*
Image via AAP.