Apple Pay Has Finally Been Switched On By CommBank So Get Tappin’

apple pay

After a long and frustrating wait, Commonwealth Bank customers can now finally use Apple Pay to make purchases, assuming they have an iPhone or Apple Watch, of course.

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The payment service lets users upload their credit or debit card details to their iPhone or Apple Watch which can then be used for contactless payments. It also makes paying for things on your phone easier by linking those details to TouchID or FaceID.

While a number of smaller banks have offered the service for a little while, CBA, NAB, and Westpac decided to negotiate with Apple as a group, which held up implementation of the feature for some bloody time. Given strong customer demand for Apple Pay, CBA decided to move forward alone, making it the second of the big four banks to enable it after ANZ.

“We are excited to welcome Commonwealth Bank customers to Apple Pay, the number one mobile contactless payment service worldwide,” Apple’s vice president of internet services, Jennifer Bailey, said.

“Customers can now take advantage of the speed, convenience and security that Apple Pay offers when making payments on the Apple devices they love.”

To get started using the service yourself, head to Settings in your iPhone and scroll down to Wallet and Apple Pay. Add a card to your wallet, which requires you to take a picture of your physical card, which won’t be stored on your device or on Apple’s servers. Instead, a unique code is generated and used in its place.

That’s pretty much it, folks. When you’re ready to make a purchase, just double tap the lock button, verify your identity with either FaceID or TouchID and tap that bad boy like you would a normal card.

Here’s hoping the other banks left behind jump on board with Apple Pay now that the country’s biggest one has.

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