This Is The City Of LA’s Ad For A Graphic Designer & Twitter Just Can’t Deal

graphic designer ad los angeles

Every now and then, a company or public body takes on board the parlance of modern times and actually gets it right. My friends: this is one of those times.

Just yesterday, the City of Los Angeles posted an advertisement for a graphic designer position. This could have been a fusty old text block outlining the role and the qualifications required. Instead, they posted this:

Do they need a graphic designer? Why, yes. Yes indeed they do.

There’s a lot to unpack here, and it’s all frankly delightful. The text that’s clearly been inexpertly drawn with a mouse in Paint; the cubist mess to the left (okay, I kinda like that bit); the official LA logo plonked unceremoniously in the centre-right; the Comic Sans – dear god, the Comic Sans!

Unsurprisingly there has been a rush of support, admiration, and one can only assume applications, in response to LA’s local government demonstrating even the slightest sense of humour. What can we say: in the era of Trump, Americans have lowered their standards a little.

There were also a bunch of people who pointed out that this is by no means the first ad of its oeuvre, which I am extremely stoked about because LOOK AT THESE:

Good job, internet. Now go fire up the old Paint machine and make that resume POP.