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Alright graphic designers, time to pull your socks up.

It’s wicked that you’ve found your passion in life and you get to use the creative side of your brain all day err day (which is the right, I believe? Don’t sue me, I only took one psychology class), but now it’s time to ensure your work reflects your own, quirky self. If you’re not quirky, well then that’s on you, pal.

To perfect your personal brand, Billy Blue graduate Todd Watts outlines five simple steps. Todd is an integrated graphic designer at M&C Saatchi, which makes him sound ridiculously fancy and we should all listen to his advice. Even if you don’t intend on becoming a graphic designer, it just seems like you could benefit from a Todd Talk.

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Specialising in stop-motion papercraft animations, Todd’s steps are applicable to a variety of creative positions, with his most universal piece of advice being, “don’t take yourself too seriously, people can spot it from a mile away”.

Naturally, that doesn’t apply if you’re, say, Julian Assange‘s bodyguard. Crack a smile and your career’s donezo. But in the graphic design world, lightening up is key. Your personal brand should be engaging, unique and playful.

Check out the rest of Todd’s steps to graphic design domination below:

You can also check out a variety of other creative courses at Billy Blue, have a squiz and see if anything tickles your fancy!

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Image: Mad Men