Christopher Pyne Claims Gay Marriage “Back On The Agenda” In Australia

A vote on a marriage equality bill should be conducted before the 2016 election, and its stake on the Government’s agenda will rise once again, according to Education Minister Christopher Pyne – one of the few Abbott Government ministers to comment on the US‘ historic marriage equality ruling today.

“There appears to be growing momentum worldwide towards marriage equality and our parliament will deal with it at the appropriate time in the appropriate way.” Christopher Pyne said, “When we come back in spring there’s every possibility that will be back on the agenda.” 
The Education Minster also labelled the US Supreme Court’s decision “fascinating”, according to 9 News
Earlier today, at a press conference held over the attacks in Tunisia, France and Kuwait overnight—killing dozens of people—Prime Minister Tony Abbott took one question on marriage equality, saying,“I note the US supreme court decision. I haven’t had a chance to study it…it’s a matter for the US.”

A joint statement by ALP’s Bill Shorten and Tanya Plibersek praised the ruling as one that should inspire Australia to follow suit. 
 “This is a joyous day in America. In Australia, let us make it a call to action. It’s time to make marriage equality a reality.”
Greens leader Richard Di Natale also praised the ruling on Twitter, saying, “It’s time now for Australia to heed the loudest call yet for equality.” 

Greens Senator Janet Rice made the understatement of the day, saying in a statement, “We clearly have some catching up to do here.” 
In a poll conducted last year, public support for the legalising of same-sex marriage in Australia was at around 72%. And with the United States’ historic decision, we can only assume that number is gradually swelling by the day.
Parliament has just entered its winter break, and will return on August 9. Between now and then, it’s time to keep up today’s momentum.
Via 9 News.
Lead image by Torsten Blackwood via Getty.