Christian Contractor Fired For ‘Vote No’ Facebook Post Responds To Backlash

The contractor let go from a Canberra children’s entertainment business for publicly supporting the ‘Vote No’ campaign has responded to the furore in an interview with

The 18-year-old, whose first name is Madeline, was told she’d no longer have work with Madlin Sims‘ kids business after she put up a Facebook profile pic frame saying “it’s okay to vote ‘No’”.

After appearing on The Bolt Report, which is a clear sign she is a sensible and good person, Madeline explained her position further, telling that she was voting no because of her faith, and said that for many young people, coming out against marriage equality was difficult, thanks to peer pressure.

The millennials and the generation I’m in now, the LGBTQI community is something we’ve all grown up with and are very accepting of.

So now when people want same-sex marriage, most people say, ‘Yes, why not, who am I to say no?’ It’s very hard for young people to say no, because saying no puts them at risk of being bullied, it makes them seem like a homophobe. It’s terrifying.

Of course, one could argue that denying a homosexual person the same rights as a heterosexual person because of their sexuality is, in fact, homophobic, but… sure.

Madeline also took the opportunity to say that she’d treat any kids she worked with, gay or not, with the same amount of love.

She was acting like if there was a gay child at the party I would act differently — no. If I turn up to a party and a child who is in love with Queen Elsa is gay, that’s okay, I will love them just as much as I love any other kid.

She just wouldn’t want them to have the same rights as the other kids, I guess.

Meanwhile, the Fair Work Ombudsman today confirmed that they’d be investigating the incident.