Artery cloggers of the nation, rejoice. Continuing the further Americanisation of our diets, well established fast-food outlet Carl’s Jr has announced plans to expand into Australia very soon. The fast-food chain, famous for its “charbroiled” burgers will soon hit our shores, presumably bringing with it its infamous brand of overtly sexualised advertising that certain Internet outlets have attributed the positively charming term “slutburgers” to.

The ads, which started with a 2005 campaign featuring Paris Hilton, generally follow a similar formula: Impossibly attractive women grab burger, grill utensil, or other related product, gyrate seductively near said product, somehow manage to look good whilst eating a burger (an impossible task. I don’t care who you are) cut to gawking dudes who suddenly really want a burger or something like that.

You can probably make up your own mind as to the cultural value that ads of this nature contribute. But at the very least I feel everyone can agree that the term “slutburger” is, at best, an unideal phrase to be slinging around. Though to be fair, it is a product of the Internet, and no corporation in their right mind would actually use it as official terminology. At least, I hope they wouldn’t.

If you’re in a major city and are suddenly salivating for a Western X-Tra Bacon Thickburger, you’re out of luck for the time being. The restaurant is will open its first store on New South Wales’ Central Coast. The company is seeking franchisees for 10 restaurants on the central, mid and northern New South Wales coasts.

Of course, the alternative is that you could simply go and purchase a delicious burger from a locally owned producer who’ll make it with love and care, and with fresh ingredients sourced from the area, who doesn’t feel the need to advertise their wares through the continued gratuitous objectification of women. But that’s your choice to make as informed adults, ultimately.