Camilla Looked Bored Rigid At The Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony

Camilla, Duchess Of Cornwall, has been pretty soundly called out for appearing utterly unamused by last night’s Commonwealth Games opening ceremony on the Gold Coast. Like, flat-out bored. Couldn’t possibly want to duck out more.

Social media users have highlighted the distinguished guest’s distinct lack of enthralment at the whiz-bang proceedings, taking note of her decision to flick through a guide to the Games instead of, you know, watching the event before her – and the welcoming speech by former QLD Premier Peter Beattie.

While it’s not exactly unusual for someone to dip into a mag during a particularly dry portion of any event, it is somewhat notable that a figurehead of the Commonwealth chose not to act like they were absolutely captivated.

To be honest, we kind of respect her for it.

Viewers also took note of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull‘s quick chat with Prince Charles, which saw him whip out his phone. We can only assume the pair were sharing state secrets, or memes. No in-between.

Meanwhile, close captioning provided a startlingly anti-colonial take on the song You’re The Voice:

The Games will roll on until April 15. Jury’s out on whether Camilla will find something interesting to watch in that time.