This Legend Is Making A Pilgrimage To Every Bunnings In Vic To Sample Their Finest Cuisine

There’s no shame in only going to Bunnings for a feed. For me personally, the hardware is an afterthought.

In a flagrant attempt to make the rest of us look like pathetic babies with tiny appetites, YouTuber Josh Eastwell took it upon himself to make a pilgrimage to every Bunnings in Victoria to sample their finest cuisine. Lucky for us, he’s posting the whole trip online.

He’s already knocked off Tasmania’s seven stores in a single day and South Australia’s 20 stores over a three-day roadtrip. It won’t be long until he conquers the world.

“In South Australia we did 16 in one day,” Eastwell told the grillmasters at Bunnings Caroline Springs. “By about 10 onwards they all taste pretty bad.”

Don’t expect the journey to be as breezy as it sounds. When Eastwell got to Bunnings Melton an hour after it had opened, the snags still weren’t ready. “A typical problem that we keep running in to is that no Bunnings is consistent in both start time and end time,” he said.

He hasn’t exhausted Victoria’s supply of sausage sizzles just yet, though. The video is part one of three, and so far he’s scoffed 14 snags. Expect him to up the game in coming videos.

And for those of you rolling your eyes at another dumb YouTube stunt, just remember: Eastwell is travelling around to communities around the country, essentially donating to the local groups who run the sausage sizzles. So far, that’s $1761.12 across all three states, straight into the pockets of community organisations.

When was the last time you donated to Melton Community Radio?