The principal of that anti-LGBTQIA+ Brisbane private school has doubled down on the school’s disgustingly controversial enrolment contract, just as a former student has come out against Citipointe Christian College for its rampant homophobia.

In case you missed it, Citipointe Christian College in Carindale has rightfully come under fire after it emailed parents a brand new enrolment contract detailing the school’s clear anti-LGBT stance.

In the updated contract, the school likens same-sex relationships to paedophilia and bestiality, calling them “sinful and offensive to God” and “destructive to human relationships and society”.

However, in a 6-minute long video, principal and pastor Brian Mulheranhas stood by the brand new contract clauses saying that they’re simply based on the school’s “Christian ethos”.

“We are a community because we have common beliefs and practices which have been central to our approach to Christian education since the school was established in 1978,” he said.

Sir, it is not fucking 1978 anymore.

“Over the past 14 months, I have met with more than 350 families during initial enrolment interviews and explained the elements of the declaration in faith in preparation for the new contract,” he continued.

“All these families acknowledged our Christian ethos as the basis for the education of their children.”

He also goes on to say that despite the clauses in the contract, nobody who identifies as LGBTQIA+ has been expelled for being who they are.

Yeah, that’s not the fkn problem here. It’s the fact that discrimination, isolation and prejudice are being actively encouraged before these kids even step foot into the school.

The video from the principal came out on the same day that former student Jared Mifsud appeared on the I’ve Got News For You podcast to speak out against the school.

“I hid my sexuality, I got a girlfriend. I became almost zealous in my pursuit of religion because that was I just that was the only way I knew to try and hide and fool people from thinking the person that I truly felt deep down,” he said.

“One of my teachers in one of our classes said to me (verbatim): ‘Don’t let them turn you’.

“That made me end up fearing the very community that would have welcomed me with open arms and I had such a fear of other gay people.”

In response to this fuckery, Queensland Education Minister Grace Grace has strongly urged Citipointe Christian College to abolish its discriminatory contracts.

“It’s unacceptable for myself as a parent of a non-binary child and it’s very distressing,” she said on Tuesday.

“It’s actually quite distressing to hear that, that someone like that would be treated the way that school has said it.

“No student should be denied a world-class education because they’re a member of the LGBTQI+ community, particularly my child.”

However, the school does not seem to be budging, as there is no obstacle more immovable than a homophobic Christian college.

In another email sent to parents, Citipointe Christian College details that consent is automatically assumed unless individuals actively choose to opt-out of the contract. However, opting out is also essentially withdrawing from the school, so it’s rancid homophobia and transphobia or nothing.

Despite this situation being extremely bullshit, we have to understand that beliefs like this exist within many Catholic and Christian schools across the country — Citipointe Christian College simply had the gall to put it in writing.

By allowing this bullshit we are actively creating trauma in young LGBTQIA+ children, and encouraging parents to do the same. Unless discrimination like this ends, Australia will remain in a perpetual loop of putting queer kids through some of the worst years of their lives.

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