COVID Daddy Brett Sutton Has A Massive Phoenix Tattoo, Which Feels Very On Brand For Him TBH

Brett Sutton

Turns out Victorian Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton has a massive phoenix tattoo on his arm, so he has now skyrocketed in hotness (if that was even possible).

Just like Tassie Premier Peter Gutwein, Sutton’s monster tattoo was revealed when he went for his second COVID jab yesterday. It’s hard to make out the exact tattoo, but to me it looks like either an eagle or a phoenix and I hope to god it’s the latter. Why? Because I have a strong fascination with phoenix tattoos, after seeing that god-awful Ben Affleck back tatt monstrosity.

People on Twitter have speculated the the tattoo represents a phoenix rising from the ashes, which is a good guess considering Sutton’s past.

In Sutton’s early life he wanted to be a vet, but after the sudden passing of his father when he was nine decided to pursue medicine instead.

“I always reflect on whether that was a pivotal moment in me thinking maybe medicine’s for me, rather than veterinary science,” Sutton told the ABC.

“I certainly became motivated about how we maintain health and how we look after those who are unwell.”

As I said before, Papi Guts (Peter Gutwein) also has a pretty gnarly arm tatt. Only his is a panther, which is slightly cooler than a phoenix (but don’t tell Sutton that).

According to Papi Guts himself, he got the tattoo after earning his first black belt. Which is bad news for me, because I had plans to fight him in a parking lot at sundown.

It does make me wonder if any other politicians or public figures are inked up? Something tells me Anthony Albanese has a Radiohead tattoo.

Well, seeing Brett Sutton’s tattoo has definitely made me feel better about my own shit tatts. Long live jab-daddy Sutton.