All shall always love and despair Australia’s finest Cate Blanchett, but especially so today, as your Queen has delivered her best interview, with one Basic reporter known as Jonathan Hyla, on Channel Ten’s The Project last night.

Here we had Hyla, surely a rookie by all accounts, absolutely wasting his one and only opportunity to sit down with Cate MF Blanchett. I mean? Show some fucking respect

And then we have effervescence personified, Cate Blanchett, caring nought for his, nor anybody else’s shit. 

The interview took a turn when Hyla dreamt up an absolutely fantastic question to ask Blanchett on her role in the new ‘Cinderella’ film, in which she slays by playing the evil stepmother. “OK, serious question,” Hyla begins, “how were you able to get that cat to do what you want it on a leash?”


Cate Blanchett responded in the only way Cate Blanchett knows how: “That’s your question? That’s your fucking question?” she asks. Even if Cate was just ‘avin a laff, here, the delivery is flawless. 

Love you forever bb. So fucking proud. 

Watch on repeat below.