A Melb Woman Is Suing A Huge Salon Chain After A Botched Brazilian Wax Left Her Needing Surgery


The Brazilian Butterfly salon chain which operates more than 25 stores across Vic, WA, QLD and the ACT has come under fire for a staggeringly botched Brazilian wax.

A woman from Victoria is suing a former franchise owner of the company’s Essendon branch after what should have been a standard waxing session turned into a stressful nightmare back in 2018.

Documents have since been filed in the County Court of Victoria where the case is expected to be heard in the comings months. The papers were initially brought to light by The Age who reported on the story earlier this morning.

A quick warning – the next few paragraphs contain descriptions of the woman’s injury which were detailed in the court filings. These could make some readers a lil’ bit squeamish.

The woman alleges the salon employee “applied wax to an area close to the Plaintiff’s clitoris causing a tear to the area”.

Yes, unfortunately you did read that correctly.

The woman then required surgery to repair the damage and has claimed the whole experience caused her ongoing physical and psychological pain due to constant challenges and delays in the healing process.

If anyone needs a cup of tea or a sit down after reading that – feel free.

Okay, let’s talk about the case itself – I promise this will be more G-rated reading material.

The actual person being sued here is the store’s former franchise owner, as opposed to the beauty therapist who performed the wax.

This is because the case is alleging the salon’s management didn’t provide an acceptable amount of training to their employees, hence the liability now falls on those in charge.

Brazilian Butterfly’s website argues otherwise, writing on their “waxing” page that “we take our waxing seriously, ensuring all of our therapists receive ongoing training and development.

“We also have developed a new generation film wax, an exclusive berry vegan friendly wax that’s unique to our brand. Designed to grab your hair – not your skin!”

Oh boy, that last line aged poorly…

Stay safe out there, folks!