Boris Johnson Lookalikes Protested The British PM’s Fuckery & Brb, Buyin’ Scomo-Style Glasses

Boris Johnson

After a cavalcade of disasters during his prime ministership which spans Brexit, COVID and just general bad vibes in Britain right now, Boris Johnson has had to face his toughest critic yet…himself. Oh lordy lord, Boris – what have you done now?

A group of people dressed up as the UK prime minister have gathered outside Number 10 Downing Street as per The Guardian. Number 10 is the official residence of whoever the British PM is at the time. Similar to The Lodge in Canberra or Kirribilli House in Sydney except minus the harbour views but plus the drab cobbled streets of London.

The public sentiment towards Johnson has soured immensely (even though it was already at lemon-like volumes of sourness). This is because it was recently revealed that during the height of Britain’s COVID lockdown last year, Boris and his co-workers were getting on the beers as Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews likes to say.

In an act of continued stupidity over the course of months, Johnson encouraged weekly “wine-time” parties at his residence while the rest of his country was suffering through a cooked af locky-d as per Business Insider.

It was for this reason that yesterday’s protesters were chanting “this is a work event” as that was the reasoning Johnson gave for hosting the drink-ups.

Wanna know the spiciest bit?

The SBS recently reported that Boris had to apologise to Queen Elizabeth II herself for hosting one of these “wine-time” parties on the eve of her husband, Prince Philip’s funeral.

What. The. Fuck. M8.

Needless to say, the people of Britain are fkn pissed off. And why wouldn’t they be?

Boris’ own members of parliament are eve sick of his shenanigans, with rumours flying around that this could be the final straw and that the Conservatives could drop Boris as their leader going into the next election and pressure him to resign as per Vox.

I reckon it’s only a matter of time before something similar happens down here in Australia. It’s a shame Scott Morrison doesn’t have as many distinctive physical features like Johnson does…

I guess we could all impersonate Morrison by gathering outside Parliament and ruthlessly gaslighting him? Food for thought.