We’re Dead Serious: Boost The Vibes Of Your Post-Lockdown Office With These 10 Lunchtime Games

The thing about vibes is, they could always go for a good boostin’, and nothing boosts vibes like playing silly little games with your silly little coworkers. You basically spend half your life with the people you work with, so who better to let loose with? Go on, get a bit weird and wild on your lunch break. You bloody earned it.

But how exactly does one boost said vibes? Well my friend, never fret, because we’ve come up with a bunch of absolute corkers you can play in pretty much any office.

1. The floor is lava

The ultimate throwback to pure childhood joy — show me someone who says they don’t love playing the floor is lava and I’ll show you a liar. You can get as creative as you like here, all’s fair in love, war, and the floor is lava, so go ahead and push the intern into the fiery depths of the questionably stained office carpet if they’re standing in the way of you and salvation.

And don’t be scared to climb all over your boss’ desk to save yourself, if anything, they’ll be impressed with your initiative and courage. A raise will surely come your way.

2. Paper toss

Scrunch a bit of paper, toss it in the bin. Classic. Grab a bunch of your colleagues and stand a few metres from the bin — everyone gets one shot. You miss, you’re out. You score, you’re into the next round where everyone takes a step back, and so on.

You can even set up a full-blown game of paper netball or basketball, or if you’re feeling particularly creative, you could invent your own variation of paper toss. You do you, Picasso.

3. Tug of war

Finally, a scientific way to determine who is, in fact, the best department.

4. Mini golf

If there’s anything I’ve learned from being an uncle, it’s that you can score a pretty sick plastic mini golf set from K-Mart for under $10. Bring this baby into the office with you and you’ll not only ensure unlimited vibe boosts, but you’ll go down in office folklore as the legend with the mini golf set — the king of clubs, if you will.

When the CEO hears about this, they’ll definitely take you out for a big fancy dinner. When this inevitably happens, make sure you bring the clubs in case they wanna get a quick game in between the entrée and the main.

5. Heads down thumbs up

Remember grade 2? A simpler time when there was nothing more exhilarating than having your thumb squeezed as you had your head down on your desk, buried in your arms. My god, you’d think, I’ve been chosen.

I promise you, the feeling as just is exhilarating as an adult. Probably more so.

6. Blindfolded Table tennis

Table tennis? Yawn. Blindfolded table tennis? There’s the spice we’re looking for.

7. Handball

If it’s good enough for Kevin Rudd, it’s good enough for you and the rest of the peasants you work with. Look, even without an ex-PM co-sign, handball would be a sure-fire inclusion in this list. See, handball is a game of technique and cunning; the perfect opportunity to flex on everyone at the office.

And hey, who knows, K.Rudd might even stop by for a game if you hit him up. He seems to never pass up the opportunity to play, and he has a bit of time on his hands these days.

8. Newspaper soccer

This one I learned from my cousin. You’re going to need a newspaper and a lot of sticky tape. Basically, scrunch a bunch of newspaper pages into a ball, then wrap the sticky tape all around so it compacts the ball. Do this a few times and you have a proper soccer ball. Just in time for the Euros.

9. Musical chairs with Shrek soundtrack

The Shrek soundtrack is the single greatest piece of art humanity has created since Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel. So of course you’re going to want to have it playing while you and the team indulge in some good old fashioned survival of the fittest.

10. Office chair Grand Prix

Speaking of chairs, if your office chairs are of the wheely variety, then it’s race time baby. Set up a proper course which laps the entire office, and rev up those ankles, because things are about to get intense. Hot tip: for an extra, how do you say, boost, perhaps make a note of the nearest fire extinguisher. But you didn’t hear that from me, capisce?

This is a great one to practice daily, as if you and the crew get decent at it, perhaps you could swindle a little work trip to Japan to compete with the absolute best in the business:

And if all that physical activity has you pooped, then head on over and check out the Red Bull Office Games — a fun bunch of online games you can play with your co-workers to boost the vibes immensely, without leaving your desk. Love that.