Watch Book Man Continue To Rinse That Anti-Abortion Bloke On ‘The Project’

The man, the myth, the legend, the Book Man appeared on The Sunday Project to chat about his wild run-in with an anti-abortion preacher on a Sydney train this week.

Book Man, real name Malcolm Frawley, just wanted to read his book in peace when Phillip Blair decided to lecture a train carriage full of people about our horrible sins and unborn babies. Frawley was absolutely not amused by this and proceeded to tell Blair how selfish he was being by interrupting everybody’s commute and forcing his beliefs on them. The heated interaction concluded with Book Man saying, “We’re asking you to shut the fuck up.” 

Speaking to The Project’s Hamish Macdonald, Frawley said he was triggered by Blair’s thoughts on abortion.

“I think the trigger for me was hearing this loud voice start to talk about our unborn children and I wondered whether there was some women in this packed carriage who might not be interested in a conversation about unborn children that was being conducted by a man.” 

He continued:

“It was not about his faith in particular, I teach acting at a Christian college and I love that … I work professionally with Christian people and Muslim people and Jewish people and atheist people and you know what, they’re all people and I don’t seem to have a problem with any of them. For me faith is a personal and private thing so if you wanted to sit down with me and have a coffee or a beer and discuss our beliefs, that might be fine but I don’t want it inflicted on me in public when I’m trying to read a book.”

Frawley said he does regret swearing in a public place.

“Not that I don’t do it in my real life because I do but I regret saying it on that one occasion.”

To finish off his interview, Book Man revealed he’s writing his very own book and slipped in a little cheeky shout-out to any publishers interested.