BOO: Booze, Durries, And Petrol Are All Copping A Tax Increase From Today

Here it is, folks. You can’t even go to the pub tonight after work without the goddamned taxman reaching further into yr sky rocket.

Today marks the twice-yearly increase on the tax of alcohol and petrol, with the tax on ciggies also scheduled to be hiked upwards next month.
The tax increase is due to the standard excise indexation on inflation, which is a thing that’s been in place since the Hawke Government put it into action in the 1980s. The tax on fuel was frozen by the Howard Government, but then subsequently unfrozen again by the Abbott Government. Meaning that it doesn’t matter what side of the political fence they sit on, pollies just bloody love tax, ayyy.
The current system has been labelled, for lack of a better term, a complete and utter mess and has long been the subject of calls for reform.
So from today, drivers at the bowser will – from today – be paying 0.3 cents per litre more in tax.
Meanwhile, boozehounds nationwide will be forking over more for their drinks as the taxman increases his cut of all sales. A carton of good old fashioned Aussie piss cops a 13c hike, whilst a similar carton of lolly water shoots up 29c. And a 700ml bottle of top-shelf? Up it goes by 17c.
In fact, the amount of tax taken from each sale is actually pretty astounding.
  • For every litre of fuel sold, 39.5c is tax.
  • For every litre of LPG, it’s 12.9c.
  • A 24-can Ray Martin of heavy beer nabs $16.15 for the government.
  • But a 24-can slab of the light stuff nets only $5.73.
  • And a full carton of voddo tinnies hauls in a whopping $36.47 in tax.
  • Meanwhile, half a dozen frothies brings in $4.04.
  • A cool six-pack of light nets $1.43.
  • A single Raspberry YIEWdl tin nets $1.52 tax money.
  • And a 700ml rumbo bottle will nab the government $21.28.
  • As for a shot at the bar? You’re paying 91c in tax every time.
Typical Government. Always nicking off before it’s their shout.