‘Black Mirror’ Is Reportedly Doing A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Headfuck

Netflix is reportedly working on an interactive choose-your-own-adventure episode of its stellar sci-fi series Black Mirror, because even they know nothing beats the feeling of flipping to page 72, discovering you fucked up, and reverting back to page 49 to give the story another crack.

Citing anonymous sources who weren’t cleared to discuss the project, Bloomberg reports the streaming giant is experimenting with the format, which it hopes will draw even more users to the nearly ubiquitous streaming platform.

At a surface level, the premise seems simple enough: hypothetically, viewers would be presented with an onscreen prompt to move the story in one of several directions. The episode would progress along that narrative pathway, until the appearance of another prompt. That process would repeat, until everyone involved is incapacitated by existential dread.

But the sheer workload involved in bringing that concept to fruition is worth mentioning. Technological hurdles aside, that multi-faceted format would require much, much more work in terms of writing, filming, and production, as the amount of content included in the potential pathways of one episode would eclipse that of a regular television episode.

There’s no set premiere date for the latest season of the programme, but previous series have rolled around in December. Get ready to click a few more buttons during your binge than usual, folks.