A full week after the polls closed for the federal election, opposition leader Bill Shorten has finally, officially, conceded defeat to the Coalition. 

In a press conference given in Melbourne, Shorten admitted the 74 to 66 seat lead Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s posse holds is insurmountable. 

“Whilst counting has not concluded in a number of very close seats, it is clear Mr Turnbull and his coalition will form a government. 

Whether or not it’s a minority government, or a majority government of one or two seats, it is clear they will form government. 

So I have spoken to Mr Turnbull early this afternoon, to congratulate him and Lucy, and to wish him the very best.”

Referencing the need of the government to, you know, govern, Shorten said “I understand we need to make this parliament function and we’ll be up for that.”

While the exact numbers are yet to be determined, we finally know who our Prime Minister will be, 63 days after the election was first announced.

Source: ABC.
Photo: Sky News / Twitter.