If Banjo The Dog Doesn’t Win Big Brother, I Will Personally Start A Fkn Riot

big brother dog

The Big Brother Australia finale is just days away, so you’d think tonight’s episode would be spicy as all hell. But unfortunately, it was really bloody boring.

Thankfully, an intruder entered the house – Banjo the dog – and honestly, he deserves to bloody win.

Most of the housemates understandably lost their minds, I mean, not only is it a source of outside communication after months in isolation, but its also a DOG. A DOG. A. D O G. Show some bloody respect!

But while Dan lost his marbles over Banjo, his house-bro Mat simply couldn’t care less.

Honestly, is this grounds for eviction? Nobody who doesn’t like dogs deserves to win.


Seriously Mat, cheer up. There’s a Labrador in the house, I’m fairly certain you legally have to smile in the presence of a dog.

I mean, we shouldn’t be surprised that there’s a dog in the house.


In a competition that’s ultimately judged by us, the people, you probably *don’t* want to say you don’t care for dogs.



Banjo deserves to win. Give him the prize, and lots of pats.

So… Can we vote for Banjo?