Beyoncé Grants Terminally Ill Girl’s Wish At Concert In Vegas

In news that allows us to defiantly confirm that Beyoncé: Still Beying Beyoncé, our Beysed God has granted the ultimate wish to 12 year old Taylon Davis, a terminally ill bone cancer patient, whose dying wish was to meet Mrs Carter on her world tour. 

Shimmying down a zip line towards Taylon Davis, Beyoncé embraces, sings and dances with the girl, who naturally becomes undone with emotion upon seeing and toucing Beyoncé in the flesh. Speaking with CBS after the show, Davis recalled the experience, “I was shaking, I was so nervous. I didn’t wanna be speechless because this was my wish and I wanted to talk to her. I wasn’t scared to dance or sing.” She added, of Beyoncé’s heavenly scent that she was privy to up close: “She smells like a baby – she smells so good like baby powder and roses. Everything that’s good.”

Of course she does.