Ben Simmons Reportedly Traded To The Kardashians To Date Kendall Jenner

Australian basketballer and Philadelpha 76ers gun Ben Simmons is dating Kendall Jenner, reports renowned gossip-mongers Page Six. 

The publication cites numerous unnamed sources, one of whom claims the pair have been seeing each other for a matter of weeks.

Two others state the duo have been eyed spending time together at The Beverly Hills Hotel and at shit-hot New York City spot Vandal. 

Simmons, still fresh off his NBA Playoffs loss to the Boston Celtics, is believed to have been dating singer Tinashe until… well, not very long ago at all.

That romance was first discovered by Instagrammers who identified some telling emoji-heavy messages exchanged between the two on the platform. To date, nothing similar has been spied between Simmons and Jenner.

Jenner also bears the distinction of having the most under-the-radar romances of the core Kardashian clan, so it may be a while before official confirmation reaches us plebes – if it ever will.