Joel Embiid Is Spending His Free Time Wrecking Plebs On Philly Street Courts

So Joel Embiid and the Philadelphia 76ers didn’t make the NBA Finals this year. That’s ok, they’re a building side, they’ll be back and better next season.

But there’s a long-ass time between now and then, and Embiid is just one of a myriad of NBA players suddenly enjoying themselves a big stack of free time over the warmer US months.

Some jet off on holidays. Some might scoot across the world to visit their home countries. Some might spend the summer in the gym preparing for next season.

Joel Embiid is spending his spare time roaming the street courts of Philly, dunking on locals.

And when we say “dunking on locals,” we mean “absolutely ruining lives.”

This bloke is out here barely operating out of first gear and still ruining lives.

Take this one, for example:

That Bobby Moynihan-looking bloke had no idea what he was in for.

Somehow, the dunk tour of suburban Philly got even better.

Embiid was also spotted taking in the sights at another court a few days later, committing the kind of crime against human beings that ordinarily warrants significant jail time.

Jesus christ Joel that man has a family.

And when erasing souls was no longer enough for the bloke, he begun toying with victims before turning them to dust.

How on earth can you be 7 feet tall and also an annoying little pest at the same time? Good grief.

‘Course time off can’t all be work, so why not relax with a spot of tennis as well?

But at the end of the day, even after multiple on-court murders, it’s all about staying humble. And Joel Embiid is nothing if not exactly that.

It’s gonna be a good summer for Joel Embiid and a really terrible one for any hobby baller trying to grab court time anywhere near the city of Philadelphia.