Watch Will Fkn Smith Call Our Boy Ben Simmons The “New Fresh Prince”

The hype train is more than ready to leave the station in Philly, with the upstart Philadelphia 76ers eyeing off an NBA Playoff second round matchup against a hobbled Boston Celtics. In true Philly fashion, the entire city is getting squarely around the surging side, with everyone from common fans to celebrity residents on board. Take, for example, Will Smith.

The one and only Will the Thrill, West Philadelphia born and raised, has leant his voice to the growing roar of the Sixers faithful, even going so far as to pass the Fresh Prince baton on to a new King of Philly: Our very own Ben Simmons.

Smith posted a Sixers hype video – one that presumably will play at the Wells Fargo Centre prior to Philly’s home playoff games in this series – firing up the fans and anointing Simmons as The Dude in the Process™.

Bloody hell. Imagine watching that and not being insanely fired up on SPORTS.

Philly’s first clash with Boston begins this morning, with bookmakers placing the young upstart Sixers as a slight favourite in the series due to Boston’s litany of key injuries.

GET UP ‘EM, SIMMO. WEST NEWCASTLE BORN AND RAISED (we know he was born in Melbourne but just… ok?)