Cancer Fraud Belle Gibson’s Court Hearing Today Was Absolutely Fucken Wild

After a long and on-going saga, cancer fraudster Belle Gibson  fronted court in Melbourne today, with a judge ordering her to explain why she has continually refused to pay any of the $410,000 fine handed down to her over her failed “wellness” empire. And good lord, was it ever something.

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Gibson was hauled back before the court to have her financial records examined after repeated non-compliance with the financial penalty, which was originally levelled in 2017 for five breaches of Australian consumer law.

In court today, Gibson took the stand to face prosecution questioning regarding her financial activity in a bid to ascertain why she has thus far failed to pay a single cent of the fine.

It didn’t take long for the entire thing to become an absolute bloody circus.

Prosecutors were quick to point out that Gibson’s financial records indicate she has maintained active cryptocurrency and sports betting accounts in recent times. Gibson, however, declined to provide a cryptocurrency statement in the records submitted to the court, because she “didn’t think that was an investment.”

She then revealed that she and her 8-year-old son live with a 46-year-old man identified only as “Clive.” Gibson claimed to not know what Clive does for work, but confirmed he does pay their rent whenever she can’t. She stressed vehemently that the pair were not in a relationship, which is vital information to remember later on.

Following that, Gibson claimed the only ways she supports herself financially now are through Government entitlements and by completing odd jobs on Airtasker.

Lawyers for Gibson interjected after prosecution asked her if she owned all her clothes and, after she answered yes, what labels they were. For the record, Gibson claimed she bought the outfit she was wearing especially for her court appearance at an alleged cost of $200. She was not able to recall, however, what label the clothing was, where it was from, or when or how she bought it. Remarkably enough, Gibson also apparently has no idea how she pays her phone bill because it’s “not information” she “spends time thinking about.” She also did not recall just how much she was paid for a now-infamous 60 Minutes interview which reportedly netted her around $75,000; a lapse in memory that seemed to baffle the presiding judge.

But the real kicker came in the details of the mysterious Clive’s financial support.

Gibson claimed she has a personal debt of some $90,000 to Clive, though she could not recall why the debt is that much, nor what it is for – these memory lapses are a running theme for the day.

Clive, who we stress is owed $90,000 from this person who lives with him but is not his romantic partner, “gifted” $2,000 towards the costs of her legal representation today, as well as covering the remainder of the $5,500 bill incurred. He also paid a claimed $5,000 for a month-long trip to East Kenya undertaken by Gibson and her son, but not Clive himself, where she both stayed “in the homes of people I knew abroad” and “camped” in Southern Kenya.

And while Belle Gibson could not recall why she owed a cent of this mountain of money to the person she lives with, she was razor sharp in asserting that some friends owe her around $100 for, get this, asking her to “pick up bread and milk” and not paying her back.

The cross-examination concluded with Gibson claiming she simply does not have the capacity to pay any of the $410,000 court-ordered fine, but she maintains she intends to should that ever change.

That, dear mates, is one hell of a wild ride.

Belle Gibson faces the very real risk of jail time if the court finds her non-compliance to be blatant, with prior legal rulings permitting her to be charged with contempt of court.

The hearing has now been adjourned until June 6.