Belle Gibson Ordered Back To Court To Explain Why She Hasn’t Paid $410k Fine

Cancer fraudster Belle Gibson is set to be hauled back before a Federal Court in Victoria to explain just why in the hell she is yet to pay a single cent of the $410,000 fine handed to her over her failed “wellness” empire.

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Gibson has been issued a summons to appear at Federal Court on May 14 to have her financial affairs examined, after her continued refusal to pay even a single cent of the fine handed to her by a Federal Court judge in 2017 for five breaches of Australian consumer law.

Those breaches stemmed from Gibson’s failed wellness services The Whole Pantry; a blog, book, and subsequent app that defrauded consumers of well in excess of $440,000 based on misleading and false products related a program Gibson claimed to have devised that “beat” a brain cancer that she never had.

Since being handed the fine, Gibson has repeatedly flaunted it, refusing to comply with the court order at every turn. Last November, Consumer Affairs Victoria successfully lobbied the Federal Court to allow the possibility of imposed jail time on Gibson should she continue to exhibit blatant non-compliance with the fine, ruling that further non-compliance will be treated as contempt of court.

Due to Gibson’s history of no-showing court dates, a warrant will reportedly be issued for her should she fail to appear at the scheduled May 14 hearing.

Earlier this year, A Current Affair cameras caught Gibson and her family at Melbourne Airport, returning from a reported luxury African holiday with a price tag nearing $15,000.

Gibson has not exhibited any remorse for the fraudulent action, and only donated $10,000 of the proceedings to charity after media interest in the story grew.