Lawyers For Beau Lamarre-Condon Say His Mental Health Will ‘Come Into Play’ During His Defence

NSW Police officer Beau Lamarre-Condon who has been charged for the alleged double murder of Jesse Baird and Luke Davies is expected to refer to issues of mental health in his defence, according to his lawyers. Additionally, new reports have surfaced that he sold a ticket to a boat party before handing himself to police.

Speaking to The Sydney Morning Herald, Lamarre-Condon’s lawyer John Walford said that bringing the officer’s mental health to light will be important in understanding the case and any alleged actions.

“Mental health is something we expect to come into play,” said the solicitor, per the publication.

“It certainly seems there are things we have to look at in that way.”

According to Walford, Lamarre-Condon “seems visually okay” while in prison, “but that’s just on the surface.”

“When I speak he seems okay, but I can’t imagine how he’s feeling. He’s in jail, but he’s a police officer.”

As well as this insight into how Lamarre-Condon’s lawyers may frame his case, sources close to the cop have also reported peculiar behaviours from the officer over the timeline of the alleged murders.

NSW Police announced they were searching for Lamarre-Condon in relation to the disappearance of Baird and Davies late on Thursday February 22.

Lamarre-Condon handed himself in to police at Bondi Police Station the following day, and was charged for the alleged double murder.

However this all happened several days after Davies and Baird first went missing on February 19. Though detectives have created their own timeline of events following the alleged murders, more strange details continue to come forth about Lamarre-Condon’s actions during the manhunt.

As reported by The Sydney Morning Herald, on the Thursday morning (February 22) it is believed Lamarre-Condon received and responded to texts from an anonymous person regarding a ticket to a boat party in Sydney harbour on the upcoming Sunday that he was selling.

Lamarre-Condon responded to the text by sharing his bank account details and the price of the ticket — $160.

“Hey yeah no worries I’ll give you my deets in a sec then I’ll forward you the email with the ticket,” he texted.

It has not been disclosed as to why he was selling the ticket.