Bask in The Artistry Of Our SITG x Smirnoff MS Paint Competition

Last week our friends at Smirnoff Australia gave us two VIP Splendour In The Grass tickets to gift to the person who could best render “what you’ll be doing if you win the tickets” using MS Paint or an equally rudimentary drawing program. Needless to say, we seriously underestimated the computer drawing abilities of our audience and the caliber of the entries we’ve received so far has been nothing short of mind blowing and totally worthy of dedicating a blog post to. And here it is!

The entries were all unique, awesome and entertaining but basically fell into one of two categories. Possible fine art students, comic book artists or something who spent ungodly amounts of time into creating something which was aesthetically pleasing and also reflected their ability to draw things regular people struggle with like “natural looking hands”, shadows and perspective, all on a medium usually associated with drawing penises circa 2000. And the droll self-deprecating non-artists types who projected their endearing/creepy expressions of fandom onto the slight shoulders of stick figures and meme-talk speech bubbles. We appreciated both equally and immensely. Here are the best of them so you can enjoy them too.

Entries close at midday tomorrow. Email all MS Masterpieces to or check out the other entries at our Facebook page. Good luck everyone.

Nathan Udy

Justine Morrison

Ken S

Anna Hien


Patrick Farrell

Courtnie Hayes

Aaron Girgis

James Fogarty

Ellen Osborne

Scott Harrison

Andrew Maher