Tony Abbott & Barnaby Joyce Attend Anti-Abortion Rally To Voice Unwanted Opinions Again

barnaby joyce anti-abortion

Former leader and 2IC of Australia Tony Abbott and Barnaby Joyce have reminded us all of their stupidity at an anti-abortion rally in Sydney today. The pair claimed that the decriminalisation bill current under review in New South Wales, has nothing to do with decriminalisation at all, SBS reports.

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Sorry, could somebody please remind me why we’re meant to care what a budgie-smuggling yahoo and a man who can’t keep his dick in his pants think about abortion?

Barnaby and Tony were among several thousand people rallying against the decriminalisation bill in Hyde Park on Sunday afternoon. Abbott called the bill “infanticide on demand”, and Joyce added that it was “the slavery debate of our time.”

The first serious bit of legislation the new government puts into this parliament is for the most radical abortion laws in this country,” Abbott said of Gladys Berejiklian’s moves to decriminalise abortion in the state.

In case you’ve forgotten, NSW is the only state that is yet to decriminalise abortion, so this legislation should be far from controversial. We’re literally just talking about getting to the same place as every other state in the country. This stuff isn’t new.

If passed, the legislation will make abortion legal on request before the 22-week mark, while patients will require two doctors to sign off after that point.

“We elect sensible governments of the centre-right to serve us in practical ways,” Abbott said. “Not to engage in social engineering.”

Ummm… I thought we elected governments to act in the best interest of the population in which they represent? But hey, maybe I could be wrong.

Once again, the pair were pulling at straws like the “sex selection” and “late-term abortion” cases that represent a minuscule amount of all abortions performed.

“If you can vote down an amendment [for sex selection] because they’re a boy or girl, then why stop there? Why not vote them down because they’re too dark or too fair or the wrong complexion? When does this animalistic process stop,” Barnaby asked.

As a woman, there are countless reasons I may need an abortion in my lifetime. Health complications, not being in a stable enough situation to raise a child, mental health issues, or simply just not wanting one are all reasons that come to mind. But you know what has never crossed my mind? Gender selection. To use this as your main reason to stop the decriminalisation of abortion clearly shows that there is no valid reason for this to remain a crime in NSW.

Men like Barnaby Joyce and Tony Abbott, who consistently feel the need to make women feel shit about a decision that is legitimately never easy, should’ve never been able to represent the people of Australia in national parliamentary positions.

Nobody WANTS an abortion. They’re invasive and emotional and not an enjoyable experience. But sometimes it’s the choice that women need to make, and to have the former leaders of the country making them feel guilty for that decision is horrible to say the least.

The bill was passed in the lower house last month 59-31, but Berejiklian has delayed its vote in the upper house amid backlash from fellow MPs. The upper house will evaluate the proposed amendments to the decriminalisation bill next week.

But it’s not just anti-abortioners that are protesting the bill. Hundreds of people in support of the bill rallied on Saturday to encourage politicians to look into the amendments, which could potentially make the current situation worse for women seeking abortions.

“Amendments are being brought in that have the power to make things worse for women than they currently are.”Dee Madigan, the MC or the pro-choice rally said.

Here’s hoping the upper house base their decision on what is best for the women of New South Wales, not on the bullshit that Barnaby Joyce and other men who will literally NEVER have to even consider an abortion spew out of their mouths.