Vocal anti-abortion dickhead and father of four girls, Barnaby Joyce made headlines recently for bringing his infant son into the debate as a pawn for his anti-abortion tirade. But although his youngest child isn’t old enough to say “my dad’s a dickhead”, his daughter Odette sure is.

In an Instagram story that she posted today, Odette condemned her father’s piss poor actions and ridiculous views on abortion. She shared a screenshot of an SBS article about Barnaby and his anti-abortion stance.

“And once again I do not support you,” the story read, alluding to the fact that this isn’t the first time her views haven’t aligned with her dad’s.

Odette, who is his third daughter with ex-wife Natalie is clearly not a fan of his opinions, which include asking people to “use logic” when it comes to abortion and the potential new legislation.

‘I am not here to try and espouse a religion. I’m not here saying I’m some saint. I’m here because I’m trying to argue to those people on logic,’ he said.

Barnaby, who is infamous for spewing stupid, ill-informed opinions into the world, had four daughters with his ex-wife before ultimately deciding to get his dick out at work and have an affair with a staff member.

Odette has used her Instagram account to call her dad the fuck out on numerous occasions now. And honestly, good on her for not being afraid to voice her opinions. Sometimes you’ve just gotta call a spade a spade.

Here is one of my personal favourites from Odette’s Instagram.

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The real Joyce family #whosbarnaby

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Her Instagram bio reads “keeping the sass to a minimum” but it appears her dad is an exception to the rule because Odette is not holding back and I am LIVNG for it.