Acting Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, working on an unspoken directive to operate as a far looser unit than actual Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, has officially opened a 47-hectare farm specifically earmarked for use to grow medicinal cannabis – the first operation of its kind in Australia.

The farm is named ‘DanEden’ after Dan Haslam – an activist whose struggle with cancer was a motivating force in the fight to legalise medical cannabis use. He died just over a year ago, and this is seen as a vindication of his struggle.

Joyce praised the efforts of the Haslams. “Amongst your grief, which you will carry for a long time, you have managed to use that energy to do something in a positive way,” he said.

He also revealed his own personal reasons for interest in medicinal cannabis – his brother Tim has stage four bowel cancer, and he thinks anything that can alleviate pain should be considered.

The farm is an undisclosed location near Tamworth – presumably undisclosed so it can’t be targeted by absolute weedfiends who, if they could possibly muster the energy to get off their couches, might make an effort towards stealing some.

Barnaby Joyce Opens What Could Be Australia’s First Medicinal Cannabis Farm

No timeframe has been given for possible federal legislation in this space: but Victoria and New South Wales experiments with medical cannabis might be the push it needs.

Source: ABC News.

Photo: ABC News.