Close Out This Decade By Doing What Must Be Done, And Eat Baby Yoda Himself

I’ve thought about it for a long hard sec, and have decided there is no other way for us to end 2019, nay, to end this decade other than to eat Baby Yoda himself. It’s simply a necessary metaphor, poetic justice if you will, hopefully the end of an era, and the first step toward a new one. So once we do this, can we please leave our Baby Yoda obsession in this decade?

[jwplayer YZBp9XHQ]

We as a community have done everything we can with Baby Yoda. We have memed him, worshiped him, monetised and merchandised him, debated and philosophised over the very meaning of him, hell we have even voted for him in the Hottest 100, all there is left to do is eat him, like a sacrificial ritual – and move on.

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, and brave soul J.R. McGrail has found a baking hack so simple, that even you will be able to eat Baby Yoda from the comfort of your very home.

You know those angel cookie cutouts your mother gets out a Xmas time? Just behead the angel (oh lord, Baby Yoda is a beheaded angel, Satanists, eat your heart out) it and ba-bam, it’s unmistakably Baby Yoda. Go a step further with some coloured icing and your friends will literally begin to wonder if you are the child of George Lucas and Martha Stewart themselves.