Baby Cate Blanchett On ‘Hey, Hey, It’s Saturday’ Is Evidence It Gets Better

She’s one of the most elegantly beautiful women in film, so otherworldly it’s a bit hard to watch the Lord of the Rings and not believe she’s exactly like Galadriel in her personal life.
If, however, you want that myth dispelled, lucky for you footage has surfaced of Cate Blanchett doing a pretty cringey performance on Hey, Hey, It’s Saturday that should help you reconsider the idea that she’s a few thousand years old and has been perfect for all of them.
The song is a string of off-beat metaphors about love that seem to always fall just short of being funny. The funniest thing about the video is probably the very odd choice of green jumpsuit C-Blanch is wearing, which seems like it has the same access flaps old-timey cowboy onesies had.
Hey, Hey, It’s Saturday haven’t mentioned when it’s from but the sleuths at place it at some time in the late 80s before she made the move to Sydney.
If you’re amenable to the idea of watching body language so awkward it makes you feel viscerally uncomfortable then, by all means, wrap your eyes around this nugget of video gold:
They don’t score so well with the judges but clearly she didn’t let that stop her from becoming, well, Cate Blanchett. Please enjoy this choice GIF of Cate dancing that has at least 1001 uses, and probably way more:
Photo: Hey, Hey, It’s Saturday.