Australian Geographic Fans Are Freakin’ Out After It Posted A No Warning Echidna Dick Pic On FB

More like Australian GeoGRAPHIC! The go-to source for info on Aussie flora and fauna has sent fans into a tizzy after it posted a NSFW pic of an echidna shlong to Facebook on Friday.

When Australian Geographic’s 543,527 Facebook followers were scrolling their newsfeeds, they probably expected to see some pics of serene beaches and mysterious caves.

What they probably didn’t anticipate was to have a throbbing echidna dong thrust onto their screens in the name of science.

WARNING: If you read any further, you will have to suffer the wrath of the bulging Australian native shaft. Don’t say I didn’t tell ya!

“Have you ever seen an echidna’s penis?” the post by Australian Geographic began as though it was some sort of bucket list activity. Great Wall of China? Seen. Eiffel Tower? Clocked. Echidna weenie? Observed.

“You’ve probably asked your friends this in jest, but scientists are working away at unlocking the mystery of the bizarre, four-tipped reproductive system.” Goddam — enough of these unrealistic beauty standards! How am I gonna compete with Mr Quad-Cock over here?

“Labelled one of the “weirdest penises of the animal kingdom”, it’s bright red and has four heads.” Okay, now Australian Geographic is just sounding like The Riddler in Robert Pattinson‘s ‘The Batman‘. I did think that movie could’ve used a few more jokes…

“Now there’s a dinner conversation starter…” Concluded the post.

Folks in the Australian Geographic comments section were busy trying to piece their thoughts (and lives) back together after gazing upon the echidna dick.

I dunno about you guys but the “You mean, that’s not how everyone else’s looks?” really sent me. Nigel Cook, we simply have no choice but to stan.

No matter where you stand on the “echidna dicks on your newsfeed yes/no” debate, I think we’ve all learned something about echidna biology thanks to Australian Geographic.

At the end of the day, learning is the real winner.